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> John Lee <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Julian is working on the GTK redraw issue, please help him out.
> Be sure to see my previous analysis sent upstream:
> http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=561591
> The problem arises because gtk_window_move_resize() temporarily freezes
> redraws on the assmption that gtk_window_configure_event() will be
> called shortly afterwards, but this never happens.  It could be that
> the "expected" configure_event is actually happening _before_ the
> move_resize, but I don't know what the expected order is.  In fact, I
> think it might not even required to be in any particular order.
> I think this arises from an interaction of the specific way
> Enlightenment manages things combined with the assumption mentioned
> above. This would also explain why running GTK programs on Neo via X
> forwarding works for me (with xfwm4 on my laptop).  It also explains
> what someone described to me on IRC: that with Debian the same problems
> appeared only after changing WM to Enlightenment.  They were going to
> add a comment to the ticket, but don't seem to have done so yet.

e definitely does things differently to other wm's - it has a state machine
that it leaves to settle and then evaluates it on idle - and THEN sends fake
events and configures windows etc. as such under ICCCM this is something the wm
is free to do - not every configure request from an app will necessarily be

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