Loaded it up and it rebooted fine, but isnt usable.

Ive lost the spanner so I cant configure it

It goes to sleep automaticly after a few seconds and without the spanner
I cant figure out how to disable it (I see you mention that sleep time
needs to be reset - but how?).  Same if I have it plugged into usb, goes
to sleep while I am logged into it.  The old settings icon is still
present, but does nothing except spin for a few seconds and exits -
tried logging in to faultfind it but - you guessed it, phone went to

Its gone back to the huge icons - a real pain, again I cant see how to
select the smaller ones without the spanner.

Ive lost the terminal keyboard and only have the crappy ones left -
unusable for anything serious, like trying to use a terminal to fix
things :(

I'll try an unmodified 2008.9 in a couple of days and see if my changes
to make 2008.9 usable are the cause of the above.

The good - gsm registered immediately, but then it went to sleep :(  


On Sun, 2008-11-30 at 19:50 +0800, John Lee wrote:
> Dear Community,
> As Sushama (our new testing team member) indicated in
> http://lists.openmoko.org/pipermail/devel/2008-November/003493.html ,
> we won't have a release in Nov.  Currently the testing team is going
> to do a full test on the latest testing image.  It has all the goodies
> we did and a lot of improvements over Om2008.9, so please try it and
> report any error you find.
> Upgrade howto:
> From Om2008.9 it's recommanded to upgrade with the following steps:
> sed -i -e 's%Om2008.8%testing%' /etc/opkg/*.conf
> /etc/init.d/xserver-nodm stop
> screen -DR
> opkg update
> opkg -force-overwrite upgrade
> # (please ans Y to all questions)
> # (the sshd (dropbear) will restart, so you need to reconnect and do
> # 'screen -DR' again)
> opkg upgrade
> shutdown -r now
> To get the fastest boot time you also need to remove the following
> packages:
> opkg remove task-base-nfs task-base-smbfs task-base-bluetooth \
> task-base-usbgadget avahi-daemon avahi-autoipd blueprobe \
> usb-gadget-mode portmap exquisite exquisite-theme-freerunner \
> exquisite-themes
> Known issues:
> * GTK redraw problem
> * some obsolete kernel modules still left in system
> * must remove 'ro' in kernel boot parameter if you use sd boot.
> * will purge your incompatible e config, so you might need to set
>   stuffs like suspend time again.
> Echo:
> Since there are different hw versions out there (a5, a6, a7), it's
> impossible to provide one alsa state file that suits all models.
> However, it seems you can always find appropriate values for your
> neo.  My way is to adjust
> control.4 Speaker Playback Volume in
> /usr/share/openmoko/scenarios/gsmhandset.state
> the max value is 127, 95 works best on my a5.  With volume level 3 or
> 4 in qtopia dialer, the other side can hear no echo while I get good
> audio quality.
> Team update:
> Tick helped to put his touchscreen improvement into stable-tracking,
> he will work on opkg internals next.  Olv moved to look into kernel
> and fso.  Erin will try bluetooth.  Julian is working on the GTK
> redraw issue, please help him out.  Jeremy will fix some qtopia bugs
> and keep working on suspend/resume issues.
> Regards,
> John
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