On Mon, Dec 01, 2008 at 12:18:36AM +0300, Paul Fertser wrote:
> Andy Green <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> > | Hi,
> > |
> > | Andy Green <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > |>  For example some advice for Jeremy about "suspend / resume issues"
> > |> would be don't waste your time doing any suspend / resume work on
> > |> 2.6.24 kernel, only on andy-tracking.
> > |
> > | I'm very sorry to jump in this thread. But this advice of yours is
> > | so much surprising! It implicitly suggests that Jeremy might be unaware of
> > | the fact that every sane person knows for like 2 months. Do i
> >
> > "Every sane person" :-)  No a lot of people are still using 2.6.24, all
> > the distros are shipping it, it is in a branch called "stable", it's not
> > nuts if somebody tries to work on it.
> A lot of people are using, sure. But all the real work is done on
> *-tracking, it was obvious long ago from the commits, from the
> discussions, from the letter you posted earlier with the clear
> explanation about every branch's purpose.
> > If he already knows it then fine, but people have been targeting
> > stable in the last weeks for stuff that needs to be done on 2.6.28.
> That is strange. If they read the kernel list, then they already know
> what's going known and where you're heading. If they don't, how can
> they do kernel development then? Out of the context, in isolation?
> Just like samsung with their huge outdated patchsets, that can never
> be accepted upstream and therefore can be considered being dead before
> they born?
> > | understand it right? How can it be possible at all? Everybody's so
> > | excited about this "Optimization team" and you say they might
> > | waste some time just because they don't lurk on -kernel mailing list?
> > |
> > | No offence meant, but that is sooo strange...
> >
> > I fear I've missed your point... John Lee wrote that two folks in Taiwan
> > are going to be working specifically on kernel stuff...
> >
> > ''Olv moved to look into kernel and fso. ... Jeremy will fix some qtopia
> > bugs and keep working on suspend/resume issues.''
> >
> > I write to suggest they might get advantage if they coordinate kernel
> > work on the kernel list -- at least we might not duplicate work on the
> > same thing and there is a pretty fair amount of knowledge about Openmoko
> > suspend / resume stuff on that list.
> >
> > What's "sooo" strange about that?
> Oh, you seem to be repeating the same thing you said earlier just to
> explain to me what's going on. I'm sorry for wasting your time. I
> think i understand you. The problem is that i'm not a native speaker
> and i tend to construct too complex sentences even in my native
> language.
> What i'm trying to explain is that i see it as plain obvious that
> anybody who wants to work on a kernel stuff should coordinate their
> efforts on the kernel list. That anybody targeting fixing bugs in
> suspend/resume knows about 2.6.24 deficiences long time ago. What you
> said to Jeremy sounded to me like: "Hey, don't cross the street on red
> light, you might get hit by a car and die, you know". I was surprised
> that you treat a kernel developer from the optimization team like a
> child. If he is not experienced in kernel development why then didn't
> he ask you what kind of help was needed and decided to choose a task
> himself?
> And why the optimization team is still trying to fix bugs in Qtopia
> and derivitaves? Let Nokia do their work, if they really want
> to. Wouldn't it be better for the optimization team to hack on FSO or
> at least (as they are in Taiwan, that should be easy for them) get
> those bloody 100uF capacitors in place to finally provide the users with a
> decent bass?
> I don't want to sound too harsh to the optimization team. I just don't
> see them being public enough, coordinating their efforts with the main
> developers (of FSO and kernel) enough, going forward enough. I'm just
> afraid that they are somewhat like that mythical "interface design
> department" that never publicly communicates and demands technical
> nonsense from the real developers. (btw, i still remember the idea of
> taking a screenshot before suspending, oh boy, that was a bad sign
> from the optimization team)
    Hi, For now, I am working on fixing some qtopia stuff, to see if I
can fix some bugs for later release, as well I would like to look into
some kernel stuff. Ya, Andy has informed me that I should watch and work
with andy-tracking branch long time ago. I know that. though I am not a
skilled kernel guy. The same time I am indeed reading kernel mail list
and logs to catch up with. It will take me more time. 
    Thanks your suggestion giving and thanks Andy. I am trying testing
suspend/resume recursively with a script, using werner's wkalrm. If
anything I get or any plan, anyway I will talk on kernl list, let it be
more public.

- Jeremy

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