On Mon, Dec 01, 2008 at 12:18:36AM +0300, Paul Fertser wrote:
> And why the optimization team is still trying to fix bugs in Qtopia
> and derivitaves? Let Nokia do their work, if they really want
> to. Wouldn't it be better for the optimization team to hack on FSO or
> at least (as they are in Taiwan, that should be easy for them) get
> those bloody 100uF capacitors in place to finally provide the users with a
> decent bass?

Because people still need to use Om2008 based distro until the
software release of gta03.  Also, I have pointed out qtopia issues
will be of lower priority before.

> I don't want to sound too harsh to the optimization team. I just don't
> see them being public enough, coordinating their efforts with the main
> developers (of FSO and kernel) enough, going forward enough.

In the beginning of this thread I wrote we are going to become more
involved with fso and kernel, but please understand what you think we
should do may not be the same as what we are going to do and what we
were asked to do.

> I'm just afraid that they are somewhat like that mythical "interface
> design department" that never publicly communicates and demands
> technical nonsense from the real developers. (btw, i still remember
> the idea of taking a screenshot before suspending, oh boy, that was
> a bad sign from the optimization team)

Thanks for your worrying.

> No personal offense meant.

Non taken.


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