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"Neil Jerram" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> 2008/12/2 Andy Green <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> >
> > "buzz / echo / hiss"... no software change can fix buzz.  It's baked
> > into the hardware and you will have to do fairly extreme meddling
> > with your soldering iron to impact it.
> Thanks, I hadn't seen that so clearly stated before!  (i.e. that buzz
> is known to be 100% a hardware issue).

weird though .. as I never experienced buzz in my calls (although I
have to admit I didn't make more than 10 calls max uptill now)

> > "Echo" reacts to some tweaking in alsa and maybe Calypso firmware
> > option selection, I guess this turn up in rootfs images as best it
> > can.
> OK, but do you need to be so imprecise about this?  What can't there
> be a definitive solution?

weird again ... I had major echo issues (for the party calling me that
is), but using %N0187 solved this in one go (I never tried the other at
commands mentioned in another mail that should solve/minimize echo
issues). Using alsa states influenced echo, but only because you in fact
decrease the volume of the calling party. Even more strange is that this
at-command doesn't seem an accepted solution but people try to stop echo
in one or two at-commands at the modem initialization time, and that
doesn't seem to work but still it continues to be the choosen path. I
don't care that this at-command gets send on every call, as long as it
eliminates echo. For me this is the definitive solution.


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