>> > "buzz / echo / hiss"... no software change can fix buzz.  It's baked
>> > into the hardware and you will have to do fairly extreme meddling
>> > with your soldering iron to impact it.
>> Thanks, I hadn't seen that so clearly stated before!  (i.e. that buzz
>> is known to be 100% a hardware issue).

probably since everyone expects everyone else to know it :-)
it was a hot topic some months ago, then someone (jörg?) came up with the  
definite statement that it is hw related.
since then we're all waiting for working and more or less easy diy fix --  
which seems to be reached now.

> weird though .. as I never experienced buzz in my calls (although I
> have to admit I didn't make more than 10 calls max uptill now)

plug in the wired headset ...

>> > "Echo" reacts to some tweaking in alsa and maybe Calypso firmware
>> > option selection, I guess this turn up in rootfs images as best it
>> > can.
>> OK, but do you need to be so imprecise about this?  What can't there
>> be a definitive solution?

because the echo is caused only partially (if at all) by hardware.  
especially gsm 1800 providers like e-plus in germany have been reported as  
echo prone.
additionally people reported different experiences depending on their  
location in time and space.
and last but not least: nobody knews what exactly N0187 is doing, and if  
it will live trough firmware updates, since it is not documented.

since echo is a very complex issue, there are more then just one solution  
more or less working for more or less people ...

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