I'm wondering myself why nobody else said anything about doom on debian.
So i also thought that it works for anybody else or maybe no one tried
doom with debian so far except for me. ;)


SCarlson wrote:
> Sorry I haven't responded to your request. Been busy at work lately. I will
> have some free time next week (taking vacation and will be going to visit
> family.) I will install debian and do some testing from this end when I
> reach my destination. I will post my findings ASAP.
>  Has anyone played Doom on Debian successfully? I just never had a chance to
> install and test, and I haven't heard from anyone else really at all, so I
> assumed for the most part, it was functioning fine.
> -Scott
> Fox Mulder wrote:
>> Could you please compile a version with these debug outputs?
>> I still can't play doom because i don't know the reason why it hangs at
>> the start screen. This would really help to solve the problem for me and
>> mayby some other debian users. :)
>> Fox Mulder wrote:
>>> I think the debug output would be very helpfull. When the doom menu
>>> appears the log says that the demo starts running but the screen never
>>> changes. It freezes at the menu where to select new game, options and so
>>> on. The behaviour is the same if i try it with framebuffer or xglamo and
>>> with or without rotate/resize.
>>> Ciao,
>>>      Rainer
>>> SCarlson wrote:
>>>> I haven't had a chance to install Debian and test Doom yet. I can say
>>>> that I
>>>> had to use special patched binary of XGlamo for the scaling of the
>>>> touchscreen to work. If the game is running, but you can do anything
>>>> (i.e.
>>>> demo is running) then I would assume that the touchscreen is not
>>>> reporting
>>>> valid x,y coordinates. So I would say you may be subject to bug #1244 .
>>>> Not
>>>> sure if someone has patched this for debian's xglamo package.
>>>> Let me know if this helps? We can add some debug output and test on your
>>>> system if you'd like. (That way we could see for sure what reported x,y
>>>> values are being used.
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