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> On Fri, December 19, 2008 9:34 am, Carsten Haitzler wrote:
> >
> > 2g is charged by the kb at insane rates. ($1.65/mb is three's going rate
> > for 2g
> > data - whereas their 3g data rates are more like $0.0068/mb. now you know
> > why
> > 3g is so important? 2g data is 241 TIMES more expensive than 3g. and three
> > offer the best datarates in .au).
> We are getting a little off topic here, but I'm wondering how you get
> that rate for 3g.
> The rates I find are all around $0.015/mb dropping to about $0.010/mb
> if you buy in bulk (i.e. buy $100 worth).

www.three.com.au - the $0.0068/mb is their $49 for 7g/month deal. the $1.65/mb
is their "if roaming on 2g this is the charge" as they have no 2g network - 3g
only. and optus/telstra's rates for data are higher for 3g.

> For 2g, I pay $0.40/mb (www.exetel.com.au) which is still 26x 3g, but
> is bearable for light usage.

still supports the point that datarates 3g vs 2g is a world of difference. by
supporting only 2g an "open phone" basically costs customers/users much more
money. so freedom comes at a high financial cost. not just an initial purchase
but ongoing data rates. which should be agnostic - open phone or not. i spend
the extra for the open device and expect it to end there as i supply my own
software and so my own support - but i continue to be "punished". :(

> Another reason 3g is important:  using a VOIP service, you can make
> cheaper phone calls by sending data over your 3g service than by using
> it for standard voice calls.

rates are from www.three.com.au :) in their module broadband rates page. :) and
yes - 3g data could end up cheaper - depending on your call rates, "free calls
to nominated numbers within the same network" plans and deals etc. withstanding
etc. etc. of course.

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