I know there's a wiki item for this, but I just have to send it to
everyone.  I want to edit the wiki, but I don't know if anyone has run
into this problem yet.

The wiki shows to install a VCF plugin for thunderbird then just
import the VCF into your contacts app.  I had a lot of problems with
this and actually found that the format of the VCF file doesn't match
what 'addressbook' is looking for.

Instead, here are the steps I found to work and if anyone can confirm
this, I will add it to the wiki.

1: Export your addressbook/contacts to VCF file(s)
2: From your terminal, run:
        sed -r -e 's/;TYPE=([^,]+),([^:]+):/;\1;\2:/g' old.vcf > new.vcf
3: From your OpenMoko, run:
        addressbook new.vcf


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