Helge Hafting wrote:
> Making a good small lens is not a problem, a good small sensor is.
> Japanese tourists may be satisfied, but perhaps they just aren't that
> good photographers. Small-sensor images can be reasonable under ideal
> lighting conditions, but hopeless for most other cases. But then,
> tourists go where the sun is. 

To use an internet cliche "you're doing it wrong". Most people aren't good
photographers, Japanese or otherwise. Neither do they care. Look at the
sales of disposable cameras before digital came along.

The quality of photography is just not the point. You want a decent
resolution, sure, but if they come out a bit blurry or badly lit? Who cares?
I'm snapping stuff that doesn't matter but might be cute if it comes out ok,
the dog looking at me funny, the family in front of an amusing road sign, a
shop with an amusing name, some people at a birthday part in a
restaurant.... In fact the act of taking the photo is probably more
important than the result most of the time.

To others arguing about cameras and "no camera, I can't have one at work" -
please recognise that you are a tiny, tiny minority. Many more people don't
care about cameras in their phones, many more do, but those for whom it's
actually an obstruction are really an insignificant market sector.

And the "I just want a phone that works and does nothing but make calls"
crowd won't be looking at Neo anyway.

As to whether camera or 3g should be a priority? Both, IMHO.

3G is an absolute must for the gta03, without it it's just a phone with a
lousy connection most of the time. Or would be if I could be bothered to try
getting GPRS working...
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