El Jueves, 25 de Diciembre de 2008, Carsten Haitzler escribió:
> actually the cpu (soc) and graphics are about as old-school as the 2g
> gprs. :) definitely far from state of the art. only things on
> freerunner that are "modern" are:
> Wifi
> BT
> case design (sorry the indented screen is very old-school and
> severely limits the finger-usability of the device - which as it has
> no stylus that is part of it... is the intended use). :)

USB-host is an unseen feature for a phone. The mini-usb connector 
without an adapter doesn't help very much, but FR supports it. Usb 
drives, keyboards, (ethernet/3g/camera/tv) dongles, headset, arduinos, 
printers, and more. This makes FR the perfect pluggable gadget.

For example, cameras like this (but with mini-usb) would be a good 
complement for existing FR: 

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