2009/1/6 Dylan Reilly <drei...@atariland.net>:
> To tell you the truth, I am not sure. I have always been running the
> testing distribution, but 2008.12 *should* be more or less the same as
> testing.

No. There were two types of testing image, one using the 2008.12-like
qtopia stuff and one using freesmartphone.org. 2008.12 is not using
frameworkd, but the qtopia daemons like qpe and qtopia-x11
messaging/dialing/etc. software.

2008.12 does not include the profile switching feature, but like said
there are scripts for it. I simply have a python app with a few
buttons I can use to switch between profiles for music playback
(phone, loudspeakers, headphones).


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