kimaidou wrote, on 2009-01-15 18:53:
> Hi all
> No offense, but could you please rename the topic with "patents something"
> instead of keyboard mockup ? I let you choose the right one though.
> thanks in advance.
> 2009/1/15 Arthur Marsh <>

>> But the software patent is undecipherable gobbledegook rather than
>> GPL-mandated copy of source code in its usual form for editing and
>> development including sensible variable names, comments, makefiles,
>> build scripts and everything that is not already available in other GPL
>> packages to make it run.
>> Arthur (trying to give the black knight of software patents another
>> flesh wound).

My apologies, a few months after reading all the discussion involving a 
Mr Quinn on I let go and put into a few words some of what 
is broken about software patents on this mailing list.

I am hoping that published, some-flavour-of-GPL licensed software (and 
hardware), such developed by the openmoko project will lead to more 
people improving software and fewer people being involved in being 
software (and hardware) patent trolls.

Arthur (coconut shells clip-clopping into the distance).

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