Josh Thompson ha scritto:
>> Nope, look at this:
>> Bye :)
> On what distro are you using QWO?  I just tried it on SHR, and nothing ever 
> shows up.  If I ssh in to my FR with my display forwarded to my desktop and 
> run it, it seems to work ok.
> Anyone know how to make it show up in SHR?

There is a problem with localization variables, you should add in your 
profile scripts (you can use /etc/profile or create an executable script 
in /etc/profile.d) the following command:

export LC_ALL=C

Furthermore if you want to use special characters like accented or 
similar, you have to do some "magic stuff" :P to configure the xmodmap 
settings to enable the key codes, you can find some info (in Italian 
sorry, but you can use an automatic translator as it's not so complex 
speaking) here [1], you also will find a tar file containing all the 
files referenced in the post which let you use accented characters.


Bye :)

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