>> wget http://www.ginguppin.de/files/minimo.tar.bz2
> that would be mine :-)
> it's built a long time ago and i don't really recall what options i used.
> since i don't use opkg anymore, but debian, there's no chance it will ever
> be updated -- i removed the oe stuff from my pc and use either debian
> packages or build my own.
> you'd better look for dillo or midori, i don't even know if there's any
> development still going on with minimo.


A week or so back I built a Minimo package for FSO and submitted it to 
opkg.org. I don't
know if it has IPv6 support and it'll probably complain about dependency 
version numbers
if you're on OM2008.x, but you could try to install it with -force-depends and 
see if it

If it has no IPv6 support then let me know and I'll have a look at building a 
new package.

Also be aware that Minimo has no bookmark management, which kinda sucks


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