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> On Thu, Jan 22, 2009 at 9:06 AM, Russell Hay <russe...@ysmail.net> wrote:
>> Just installed the latest android image, and it's looking nice,
>> responsiveness is where 2008.8 used to be, and my main gripes from a 1hr
>> play are;
>> - very low call volume, despite setting it to full
>> - to accept calls, you have to use use the key sequence as follows:
> power
>> button- choose keyboard-hit the phone icon
>> Just an inital impression - and I appreciate it's a port so these are
>> workarounds for a lack of a keyboard!
> If the rumors [1] of the G2 are true, we won't have to worry about ugly
> workarounds; a touch screen only interface will be in the upstream
> -Charles Pax
> [1]

However, the G2 does have the five hardware buttons (plus a trackpoint,
looks like) that 'cupcake' is said to require...


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