>Just create a textfile "/boot/append-GTA02" and put whatever is needed
>as kernel parameters in there - here is mine:
>rw rootdelay=3 glamo_core.slow_memory=1
>Refer to http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Qi for more details


i understand that this is when you run system from sd card. i run
system from NAND and for that i need to edit the boot environment but
although i can boot into NOR, then set console to USB and then run
picocom /dev/ttyACM0 what i don't know about is what parameters i
have to issue with the setenv command to alter the default boot option.
The wiki only says: "...and you'll see the messages on boot. If it's
NAND right now you need to edit the default commandline in Qi for

I had tried to place kernel on my sd card and set append parameters via
append file to actually redirect it by root=/dev/mtdblock4, but the
kernel gets panicked as it cannot mount the jffs partition of

I had flashed u-boot back but would love to use qi again as it can start
the neo on a short pwr press, has no logo and is faster... 


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