I think I've now been able to fix the GSM thing. At the moment GPRS is
disabled but I'm trying to test this still today a bit more and try to
release soon (so that when people have a look at the Community news
they can try a version that allows you to make phonecalls :)

So if anyone is interested, please try this:

It requires you to manually:
1 flash
2 start&restart
3 turn asu suspend off
4 ssh in
5 run Kustomizer
6 ssh in again
7 turn illume suspend off
8 rerun Kustomizer
9 answer to gpsd autostart question.

I know, it's a pain and it all should be possible to automatize. Will
try to work on that later..


| risto h. kurppa
| risto at kurppa dot fi
| http://risto.kurppa.fi

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