[1] says AGPS offline is not possible because GTA02 lacks flash memory. It
seems that's the only problem.
   but [2] does not contain any ALPSRV messages. My test failed on first
step of enabling ALP messages (according to u-blox 5 spec), it returns NAK.
So I think the chip firmware does not support ALP at all.

[1] http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Neo_FreeRunner_GPS#Assist_Offline
What about if we hack the data format of u-blox AGPS offline file, and
extract data for current location and time? location can be specified by
clicking map, time from local system time. If we could, we would be able to 
submit data to GPS chip as AGPS online message on demand. What do you think?

I've implemented a GPS tool for freerunner, almost finished, with features
such as:
AGPS online, rulers, lat/lon grid, sync time, scratch on map, power on/off
device, hot/warm/cold reset, adjust message rate, selective download tiles,
track records... Hope it will be released to public in 10 days.
The performance is good, 2~3% CPU usage on stand-by mode.
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