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> "
> UBX-AID-EPH and UBX-AID-ALM Messages for Satellite without valid
> Orbits When polling UBX-AID-EPH or UBX-AID-ALM messages, satellites
> without valid ephemeris or almanac data will 
> return a complete UBX-AID-EPH or UBX-AID-ALM message with all data
> words set to zero. This doesn’t comply 
> with the protocol specification. Furthermore, u-blox 5 receivers with
> firmware V5.00 and earlier can run into a 
> floating-point exception when fed with such “empty” ephemeris. 
> "
> Is that the cause :D

Yeah, thought that at first as well, but almanac data was okay at that
point. The position was not, however. I guess the problem the chip
tripped over is similar in both cases though.

Daniel Willmann

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