Lately my freerunner seems to have gotten more unstable, some of the things
that it is doing include:
1. Not wanting to fully connect during phone calls, it says it is connected
but I can't hear them and they can't hear me (this may be a problem with my
carrier, T-Moble sucks around here)
2. Sound not working, I had my phone in vibrate and ring which use to work
but now it only vibrates
3. The config app crashes when I try and launch it, so I can't change any of
its setting like turn on or off services, can't connect to wifi, etc...
4. GPS doesn't fully work, in the sets program that comes with FDOM it takes
a couple of minutes before it starts finding satelites but in TangoGPS it
never can find any even after 10+ minutes.
5. Installing/upgrading a program with opkg breaks it

I have expectecd problems like these when I bought my freerunner but I can't
find a fix for any of them, flashing my kernel and distro only delays the
problem, it always comes back if not there after flashing it.
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