despite some skepticism about having transparent keyboard in illume, I
decided to try it. After some work, I got it working. More precisely, I
am using the qwo external keyboard (an implementation of quikwriting
technique); imho it's great with stylus, and also quite finger-friendly
when the keyboard is large enough. I think it's quite usable. As for
speed, displaying/hiding the keyboard is quicker than displaying/hiding
the default keyboard, since the application window is not resized (which
is usually quite slow).

I wrote a small howto about it, it's (together with screenshots) here:

Actually, to get it work, I had to fix some bugs/annoying features of
Xglamo. I reported these (together with patches) as ticket #2242 and
#2243 at docs.openmoko.org about one week ago. Unfortunately, I got no
answer regarding these patches. Would it be possible to accept them to
the openembedded repository and close the tickets?

Next, I had to force illume not to resize the running application when
displaying keyboard, and also not to force the width of the keyboard to
be equal to the width of the screen. Currently, I have only very ugly
hack to do this and I am not quite sure how to do it right. I am
thinking of making illume look for the _NET_WM_WINDOW_OPACITY property
on external keyboards, and behave in above-described way if this
property is set. Would this be acceptable for including upstream?


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