Xavier Cremaschi wrote:

> Hi folks,
> phonelog crashes as soon as someone calls me from a phone with hidden
> caller id.
> There is a simple problem in /usr/bin/phonelog : the output of the error
> message fails because of a problem of python string and int concatenation.
> It seems easy to fix, by replacing :
>      print "foo" + call + "bar"
> by
>      print "foo %d bar" % call
> (never done anything in python, so not sure)
> But, by reading the code, it seems that phonelog will just output a
> message saying "hey dude, delete call from database and relaunch", so
> does anybody has or is able to modify phonelog to handle this kind of
> caller-without-id ?
> Btw db still grows, so even if the app cannot be launched the FR still
> logs calls.
> Xavier Cremaschi.

Hey Xavier,
this is a realy bad problem.
Here i found some lines handling Unknown Numbers,

from line 367:
                        #don't group supressed numbers
                        #and make the contact Unknown Number
                        if number == "*****":
                                last_parent_added = None
                                contact = config.get("suppressed_name")

but on my phone Unknown Numbers are "�...@-�" and I get the output:
"sqlite3.OperationalError: Could not decode to UTF-8 column 'number' with
text '�...@-�'"

I think a simple script reading the sqlite db from /var/db/ would be good.

be blessed

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