On 09/03/2009 20:57, Stefan Monnier wrote:
> Which Phone (and/or SMS) application do you use under Debian?
> Until now I've used Zhone, but now that the whole phone subsystem works
> more reliably, Zhone has become the main source of problems.  Also it
> has various annoying limitations.

You can try Venetia.

What is Venetia

Venetia is a PyGtk program that use FSO framework to make call. It was 
written because I would like to make call with my deb...@fr but I don't 
want to keep open an application.
It is still incomplete. I am counting to release in a few days another 
package (Xfce4VenetiaPlugin) that permit to have an applet showing the 
signal level and keeping the dialer activated but insivible.

What is not Venetia

It don't want to be a finger friendly application (Sorry, but I you can 
try to use it with your fingers)
It don't want to manage SMS. I would prefer to write another application 
(may be with another XFCE applet) to receive and send sms (little 
applications that do well their job)
It don't want to enter on OM200X.X (You have already a great 
application, why to use Venetia?)
It is only an interface. If your sim is not running with Zhone, don't 
hope it can run with Venetia. Them are only an interface to FSO Frameworkd.

What is not yet complete / Known problems:

1) It don't start if the sim is not present. It is a very stupid issue, 
I will fix as soon as possible
2) It take too much time to start up. It is fault of synchronous call. I 
have to make it asynchronous.
3) It not show the history. Ehmm... I have still to implement, but first 
I want to finish other things
4) .... (complete you here)

It is available at these addresses:


It ask as dependecies:


Like usally, please report any problem, suggestion, curiosity, etc. etc.

Michele Renda

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