> Ideally I'd like to use debian + e17 + the SHR
> phone apps on my freerunner...

Same here.

> Has there been any progress on this?  If not, is there some way I can
> help?

I've built fresh packages for e17 stack, but not yet uploaded those to 
pkg-fso. Will do that after an ack from somebody who will test things.

Currently packages are in my repo at

deb http://yoush.homelinux.org:8079/debian freerunner main

Compared to previous build, these do include illume keyboard.
However there are still blocking problems - tiny font and no launcher 

I am burried with real-life issues and have zero time to look into those 
myself :(.  So help from interested people is badly needed.

As for SHR apps - the packaging depends on still-missing e17 components ...


Please use pkg-fso-ma...@lists.alioth.debian.org list for 
debian-on-freerunner related issues, and 
pkg-e-de...@lists.alioth.debian.org for debian e packaging issues.

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