hase anybody running a mysql database or a firebird database on the 
Is the freerunner fast enough for a "full" SQL-Database, or is it only 
fast ennough for "single" user databases like SQLLite?
(i know that SQLLite is not single user... but it hase no tcp/ip server)

My idea was to programm a  Messanger/Phonebook/Dialer Programm with a 
SQL-Backend in "free pascal".

The reason to use mysql or firebird in stead of SQLLite would be, that i 
could connect to the database per network and edit the data in a easy 
way over a frontend on my computer.  (without mounting the device in any 
way, or programm a syncManager)

 Or would you say .... don't do the hole wheel again ... wait for the 
FSO interface for phonebook etc. . So we all will use the same backend. 
And programm a server/client app for easy editing and storing the sms, 
addresses etc. on your computer.

thanks for comments

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