>From that table I came up with two conclusions:
- There is a large number of FreeRunners running Om 2008.X
- Apparently it'snot too dificult to have a couple distributions installed and 
choose one of them each time you reboot the phone.
That's great news for me!
Thanks a lot
Juan Lucas

On Friday 13 March 2009 11:06:37 Juan Lucas Dominguez Rubio wrote:
> Hello, I was wondering: anyone has an idea or stats about which
> distributions are used by the FreeRunners out there?  Something like:
> ===================
> Om 2007.x: 50%
> Om 2008.x: 20%
> SHR: 10%
> [...]
> Other hacks: 5%
> ===================
> Regards,
> Juan Lucas

I created a survey once:


and a Map with FR-Locations, so a potential buyer could have a look at it
before buying one:


Both, the survey and the map are freely available to anyone and of course also
to the bad guys that may be using the given data to send you offers for other
mobile phones. :-)

Which may be the reason why participation did not reach a level in any way
comparable to responses on some postings on the mailing list. So it might not
representative at all. For example it seems that there is only one FR sold to
the US while not even one is available around Taipeh. ;-)

To take part in the survey use this link:


I believe after taking part you get a nice summary, showing pretty graphs with
percentages. At least I can see it but I couldn't manage to share it to anyone
not logged in with a Google account. However I could print it to a file and
publish it here if someone is interessted.


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