Hey guys,
I suppose a little update.  I've recently switched to SHR-Testing and
a little while on SHR-Unstable.  Currently there is no import
functionality, but thanks to Aleš Horák, he's created some scripts
called the DBus Access Scripts for handling the SIM phonebooks.
For those wishing to use these scripts and are needing to convert your
VCF 3.0 files from Thunderbird or otherwise to VCF 2.1, please run the

sed -r -e 's/;TYPE=([^,]+),[^:]+;/;\1:/g' old.vcf > new.vcf
sed -r -e 's/VERSION:3.0/VERSION:2.1/g' new.vcf > new.vcf

On the FR, run:
./ImportContacts new.vcf

If the contacts.sh file is created and filled but doesn't import, then
you will need to check for the following in the contacts.sh file:
- Windows EOL character (^M) at the end of the name and number field
- An apostrophe or quote in the name (' or ")

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