> maybe it would be easier... or maybe not... opkg and deb packages are
> similar, so it would be nice to have a cross-tool. As you can see debian
> packaging some times is slow... that's why sometimes it may be useful to
> test opkg apps directly. (and after all.. linux is choice, isn't it?)

nobody out there, willing to adapt/extend alien?
that's the tool written for exactly such purposes -- would be sensible to  
make it handle [i|o]pk as well, wouldn't it?

> If you want to give a try, you can starting compiling navit, that right  
> now it's missing on deb repos.

i asked today the owner of http://navit.latouche.info/debian/sid/, if  
he/she could provide an armel deb as well.

for the moment i put my newly built deb up to
> http://www.ginguppin.de/node/26

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