On Wednesday 18 March 2009, xChris wrote:

> When the ogg file  has the extension .oga, (it has a mediaplayer icon) I
> cannot play it, as the system says 'the media system is not configured to
> handle this request'

That's a generic error message in QtopiaMediaProvider::createSession() which
results from any error in the call to:

    QMediaServerSession*    mediaSession = 

Unfortunately I'm not a C++ programmer so I'm pretty much lost after
that point!

> If I rename it as .ogg, its not recognized as audio/media file.

That's bizzare - according to qtopia/etc/mime.types we have:

audio/ogg           oga
audio/ogg+vorbis    ogg

and the Tremor Ogg plugin appears to register itself as knowing about
audio/ogg+vorbis by doing this:

        d->mimeTypes << "audio/ogg+vorbis";

The desktop file for the media player should now make it believe it can
handle both audio/ogg and audio/ogg+vorbis.

So I would have thought it would recognise audio/ogg and audio/ogg+vorbis
as audio files and, if anything, not be able to handle a .oga file by handle
the .ogg files (as the MIME types match).  Perhaps the second part is why the
error occurs ?

Very very peculiar!  I'm out of ideas for now - anyone else ?

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