On Friday 20 March 2009, yacine wrote:
> Al Johnson wrote:
> > On Thursday 19 March 2009, yacine wrote:
> >> bytestore wrote:
> >> > open in browser http://rabenfrost.net/celtune/ipk/armv4t
> >> >
> >> > This Account Has Been Suspended
> >> > Please contact the support department as soon as possible, and please
> >> > have your site name ready.
> >>
> >> Any other place to download the ipk for linphone?
> >
> > I have some somewhere, but I won't be able to track them down and upload
> > them
> > before tomorrow. I think I should have 1.6 for 2007.2 and 2.2 for FSO.
> >
> > I want to check out the new 3.1.0 release as it has a daemon mode that
> > may make external control easier.
> That would be great!
> When you mentioned the new release do you mean you're going to port the
> original client to OM?


I think I got all the deps that aren't in the main repos, but may have missed 
some. Looks like faulty memory about the 2.x version - these 1.6 but includes 
the patch to allow external control by yeaphone etc. There is no gui IIRC, so 
you'll be using linphonec.

The binaries can be built by following the standard SHR build instructions, 
        cd shr-testing
        . setup-env
        bitbake linphone

As for the new version, I want to try it first. The daemon mode was mentioned 
in the release email, but I haven't seen exactly what it does. If it looks 
nice I'll try to make a bitbake recipe, but it'll be my first for an app.

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