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andrew howlett <and...@howlett.net> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I've been trying to enable wake from suspend for alarms in QtEI, and
> I've sorta got it. This file:
> http://radagast.bglug.ca/openmoko/alarmcontrol.cpp
> replaces the file of the same name at
> qt-extended-improved/src/server/coreserver/alarmcontrol.cpp
> The code will set a RTC alarm 15 seconds before the alarm. The FR
> will wake up at the appropriate time. But the alarm doesn't go off.
> Sometimes the alarm will sound 25 seconds later, sometimes longer.
> The problem seems to be the QObject event Timer system. The
> AlarmControl system starts a QObject timer. The timer is supposed to
> generate an event at the alarm time, but the event is late, sometimes
> very late. Suspend seems to bugger up the QObject timer system.
> So I'm posting what I've done so far in the hope that a brighter
> light than I can illuminate the QObject timer problem.
> later,
> Andrew Howlett.

Just to let everybody know: Andrew (radagast) found the issue at hand,
and it's a oneliner fix (something about not needing to use a
monotonic clock) . See

I now have a qtextended 4.4.3 installation with the following extra:
- working wifi (even after suspend/unsuspend)
- alarms on time (for alarms app, but probably also for calender
- mp3 support (albeit laggy if the touchscreen is used)
- qterminal (I don't use it, but hey ...)

Now the following issues remain:
- better keyboard (for me, but that's not a real issue). I've already
  tweaked the settings a bit to get something better, see 
- voice notes app not recording (seems to be an alsa-state thing)
- voicemail service number not saved across reboots
- 2.6.28 compatibility, for better battery usage and maybe some other
  fixes (please, somebody please tell me why 2.6.28 is better for the

I'm hoping to have a crack at the voicemail number problem, but see

If anybody is interested in my qtextended image, I can put a tar.gz
file online if wanted ...


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