thanks for you reply. I would need some more help before running the
installation process. I will write a wiki page on openmoko.org when
My questions inside your text :

2009/4/3 Richard Kralovic <r...@om.ksp.sk>

> > I would like to know if there were some progress on easily installing
> > the transparent keyboard (qwo or anyone else) on SHR distribution.
> > I think the SHR distro could really benefit on this !
> Well, not much of progress. Some time ago, I set up an ipk feed for
> shr-unstable that I compiled myself, with all the patched stuff:
> http://meru.inf.ethz.ch/~rkralovi/shr-unstable<http://meru.inf.ethz.ch/%7Erkralovi/shr-unstable>
> There are also feeds for shr testing
> http://meru.inf.ethz.ch/~rkralovi/shr<http://meru.inf.ethz.ch/%7Erkralovi/shr>

I will use this since I run SHR testing

> and FSO milestone 5 (which is what I am currently using, so it's
> probably in a best shape):
> http://meru.inf.ethz.ch/~rkralovi/fso-ms5<http://meru.inf.ethz.ch/%7Erkralovi/fso-ms5>

I think SHR testing uses FSO5, so I have nothing to install, right ?

> So, basically it should just work if you add this to your opkg feeds:
> src/gz meru-all http://meru.inf.ethz.ch/~rkralovi/shr-unstable/ipk/all
> src/gz 
> <http://meru.inf.ethz.ch/%7Erkralovi/shr-unstable/ipk/all%0Asrc/gz>meru-armv4t
> http://meru.inf.ethz.ch/~rkralovi/shr-unstable/ipk/armv4t
> src/gz<http://meru.inf.ethz.ch/%7Erkralovi/shr-unstable/ipk/armv4t%0Asrc/gz>meru-om-gta02
> http://meru.inf.ethz.ch/~rkralovi/shr-unstable/ipk/om-gta02<http://meru.inf.ethz.ch/%7Erkralovi/shr-unstable/ipk/om-gta02>

Are these lines command lines ? What should I copy / paste to my terminal to
add the correct feeds ?

After this, I will run opkg update

> Then you can just follow the instructions at
> http://kedrigern.dcs.fmph.uniba.sk/~riso/Openmoko/qwo/index.html<http://kedrigern.dcs.fmph.uniba.sk/%7Eriso/Openmoko/qwo/index.html>
> and install all packages just by opkg install.

Is this correct (or do I need to add some more command lines ?):

#installing xserver-kdrive-glamo & xcompmgr
opkg install

#modifiy the file */etc/X11/Xserver
nano **/etc/X11/Xserver
And add *ARGS="$ARGS +extension Composite"

#creating a file to launch xcompmgr and load it
echo "xcompmgr &" > /etc/X11/Xsession.d/xcompmgr_start
chmod +x /etc/X11/Xsession.d/xcompmgr_start

#install qwo (+ imlib2 + libconfig) & e-wm
opkg install

This is all I understoof reading your email and the webpage. Can you please
comment / modify it ?

thanks !

> But beware, the patch for illume breaks the default keyboard (since it
> does not set the width of it and does not resize the application area).
> So be ready to install the old version of e-wm if you do not like
> transparent qwo. I didn't find time to make a nicer patch on e-wm yet
> (it is on my todolist, but quite deep, so patches are welcome)...
> Greets
>        Richard
> >
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