Good job, really! Thanks to C much faster than pythm, besides Intone seems to 
have more functions. Nevertheless, I would improve the look, its not really 
cool compared to any iSoftware. Besides, I have experienced mplayer to be too 
slow on the Freerunner. I you want to do more than only hear music, or click 
any button, the music is corrupted. Under Debian Im using xmms with gxmms, and 
it is much faster. I can even move windows and here music at the same time, 
without any problems. Just an idea, maybe its not mplayer's but SHR's fault, I 
dont know, just an idea. 

Von: c_c <>
Gesendet: Sonntag, den 5. April 2009, 08:59:35 Uhr
Betreff: Intone (0.20 - alpha release) Elementary based mplayer frontend

  Well, it took a lot longer than I thought - but finally  - here's the alpha 
release of Intone - a mplayer frontend (for audio files - as of now) in C. Uses 
about 2% CPU (max) while running - memory goes up depending on your playlist - 
on my phone (~2500 songs) it uses about 15%.
  All you need to do is download the attached ipk and install it. Intone 
depends on sqlite3 and libelementary. If you have elementary on your phone 
upgraded to a level where the elementary test application shows you a demo of 
sliders and genlists, Intone should run on your phone.
  The recommended way to organise music is to put all the files in a folder 
(lets say Music), with sub folders named after artists (say Music ->Eagles) and 
with sub sub folders holding albums (that becomes Music->Eagles->Hell Freezes 
Over->*.mp3). That way, Intone can correctly organise your music collection 
into albums. It automatically creates a default playlist containing all songs 
and individual playlists for each album. I have added features to manage 
playlists and albums - but there is always scope for improvement.
  Intone uses a sqlite database as a backend for the playlists and albums. That 
should, hopefully, give flexibility in adding more features later.
   Things that don't work as of now :-

1. Feedback. - I haven't been able to add dialogs yet. So - wait a little while 
for Intone to finish long operations (like adding your music collection for the 
first time - my 2500 odd songs took about 6 secs - the button remains pressed 
2. Dialogs for deleting stuff. It's safe - Intone does not delete any files - 
but it does delete tables(albums and playlists) - and it doesn't yet ask for 
3. Seek. Dont know how to use the slider for seeking. Any Ideas?
4. DBUS. - Haven't gotten around to learning edbus - so no occupy resouce CPU 
or pause on incoming calls yet. Will take some more time.
5. Album art and lyrics. - Don't yet know the best way to go about doing this 
other than downloading art from some retailers etc. Ideas welcome.
6. Toggle View. Not working yet. I intend having 2 more views - Album Art and 

  I'm also looking at adding support for the button that the standard handsfree 
has - as a volume control (3 preselcted levels in rotation) or to go to next 
song (1 click) and prev song (2 clicks). Any suggestions?

  Since I also have half a podcast manager built (which I couldn't finish in 
time for the competition) - I'm also looking at adding that support in the 

  Feedback Required
1. Bug reports.
2. Artwork - Ideas / png's / whatever
3. Elementary help. I have a lot of questions. Here are a few :-
    a) How do I reduce the vert height of 1 entry in the genlist? Right now 
each line in the list is too high (almost 3 text lines high) - so I get only 
about 4 song names on the screen. Can I reduce the height to say 1.5 text line 
- 2 text line?
    b) How do I use the pager with a genlist? In my case the pager works - but 
it doesn't show the genlist - the buttons all show up though.
    c) Dialogs and progress bars. I know elementary doesn't have them - but can 
I make/have a simple ty solution for the time being?

Oh! And I'm only adding .oga, .mp3, .m4a and wma files into the albums. Any 
other types I need to add?

I'll upload the code to soon. 
All feedback welcome. Thanks.
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