> * you changed the yellow "shapes". Could you tell us why ? By the way,

I changed it for better recognition accuracy. It is claimed by original
author of quikwriting (Ken Perlin), and my experience confirms it. For
me, it is _much_ easier to write with the new layout when using fingers.
(If you are using stylus, it shouldn't matter much.)

> they seem to be drawn with the mouse (not regular). Is it art ? (joking,
> light tone)

No. They are quite regular (should be symetric), I basically copied them
from the shapes of the original java quikwriting appliction by Ken
Perlin and tweaked a bit manually (no drawing with mouse :-) ).

> * I can only write numbers with this version. the move from the center
> to one zone and back to the center do not work anymore (as more complex
> ones). Instead theses moves write numbers. Am I the only one with this bug ?

Which package did you install? I can try to check it on my phone....


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