> Besides you can add a free laserpen to any order:
> http://www.pulster.de/engl/images/big/laserpen-1.jpg

I have had two of these pens and for both the laser pointer and the LED
> were most of the time dimmed. This was probably because of bad
> conduction with the batteries. If I unscrew the pen they would sometimes
> light up at full power, when pressing the buttons. The idea is very good
> but the quality guarantee is, in my opinion, not so high. Feel free to
> do with this feedback as you please. Perhaps a poll would give a more
> objective insight in the quality of these devices.
The pen i recieved from pulster works very nicely. Actually, its the only
thing i recieved when i ordered a freerunner + accesoires that "Just Works".
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