No, it will not impact the program.

   I just sealed the deal on that this morning! of course there are 
details to be worked out so watch this space.

1. we sent out instructions to all the disty a while back.
2. one of our North american partners had requested the package to
    perform the work ( like Dr. Ns program)
3. because of the layoff the mail went unanswered for a few days.
4. the disty wrote me directly and I hooked them up with sean who was on 
the matter in 5 minutes of my mail.
5. Sean has assigned a person to make this happen.

I'm working with that disty to make sure that they benefit from Dr. Ns
approach, so we dont re invent the wheel.

I know you guys have been very patient with us. I trust you wont be 

Finally, I would like to thank Dr. N for his tireless efforts and 
imagination in getting this done. And lets not forget david at Tuxbrain.
A bunch of people tried things they have never done before to keep 
customers happy.


Lon Lentz wrote:
>   Steve,
>   Is this going to affect OM trying to find us Americans someone to
> implement all of the pending hardware fixes?
> On Tue, Jun 2, 2009 at 1:30 PM, Steve Mosher <> wrote:
>>  Thanks Sean for the kind words and for the opportunity to do something
>> unique.  i spent some time thinking about how I want to organize
>> the community responses. I have a list of FAQs from werner ( somewhere
>> here in the pile of mail) and I want to solicit ideas from the community
>>  on what OM can do to support the community efforts.

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