On Wed, Jul 1, 2009 at 1:18 AM, Tim Abell<t...@timwise.co.uk> wrote:
> I hadn't realised till now that SHR is the main focus of development, so I
> have just reflashed with that and will try again.

In my opinion SHR is more focused on bleeding edge, and trying every new
in their distro, while om2009 (which is community based too in these days)
are focusing in the stable direction.
So I see om2009 as a stable version of SHR, with only the base necessary

I think shr and om2009 is not competing with each other, but focusing
on two different directions (stable vs. bleeding edge).

There is only a bit difference still. SHR is coming with their own set of
phone applications, while om2009 pushing paroli. But under the hood,
there is lot of similarity between shr and om2009.

I would like to see paroli properly packaged on shr, and an easy ability
to switch between shr phone suite, and paroli (from end-user point of view).

But trying out the newest glamo and such, shr is the best candidate.

Best regards,

ps: I only wanted to say, that there are development in om2009 distro too;-D

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