There seems to be a repeated theme of people posting how crappy the
Freerunner is and how nothing works for them.  Usually a number of people
then jump on the thread and talk about how the FR works well for them.

I like to try turning that around and start a thread for people to talk
about their successes.   Maybe if we get enough good ones we can push it
onto the wiki.

Here are a few of my own:

  - the GPS with tangogps has been really useful to me a number of times,
especially on business trips
  - Pidgin over GPRS has come in quite handy several times, either when I
didn't have my laptop with me, or didn't have wifi coverage
  - It's very useful as a PDF reader - with the high-res screen I've been
able to read documents while walking or while standing on a metro or bus,
when getting out a laptop wouldn't have worked well.
  - I was able to show off the client software from my 'day job' - a quite
complex j2se application - running on a cell phone, which definitely
impressed people.

What are your successes with the Freerunner?


Warren Baird - Photographer and Digital Artist
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