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> > What about using the original GC.com cache icons for GCs? Of couse one
> > would have to download them separately (licensing issues iirc from the
> > TangoGPS geocaching "extension").
> >
> Sorry, but i absolutely don't want these icons in the app, for some
> reasons:
> - the licensing issues you already mentioned

Can be resolved, see my other mail

> - but more importantly, these icons are very big. You don't see where the
> geocache is actually located. Therefore i choose the square (so you can
> easily spot the geocache) with the little crosshair in the center (so you
> can see where _exactly_ the geocache is located).

I find it more intuitive to see the original pixmaps, and as they stay the
same size (32x32px) as I zoom in to let's say level 20 when near a cache
that corresponds to just a few centimeters on a map, thus much less than the
general accuracy of the GPSr ...

- drawing the icons would be slower than drawing simple squares and lines

Is that so?  It's on my Todo-List to benchmark these different approaches,
but not necessarily a major slow-down from my expererience.

- it's easier to make the squares and lines translucent, so that the user
> can see underlying streets

That is a valid point in my opinion, plus it offers several posiibilities
(nice to see the names on the map, btw!)

So to me there are no apparent technical difficulties to do so, but of
course this depends entirely on the intended design of the SW, and the
result is most likely merely a cosmetical one. Nice to see some
alternatives, though, and the online features and the database browsing is a
real plus here!

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