What your friend ment to say is:

you need a usb-mini (Male:=Standard) to Usb-Type A(this is the big flat
one)-FEMALE (same as in your usb-hub) Adapter.
So you can plug  any Device with its standard cable.

There are other solutions, for example a USB-Mini to USB-Type B and an
Hub with that Tyoe B.

Brolin Empey schrieb:
> Hello list,
> A few days ago, I was chatting with DocScrutinizer in #openmoko on
> FreeNode about using a USB → Ethernet adapter to connect my FreeRunner
> directly to my Ethernet LAN.  DocScrutinizer told me I need a
> miniUSB-m → USB-A-f adapter or a cable like this:
> <http://www.conrad.de/goto.php?artikel=971535>
> Where can I buy such an adapter or cable in Canada?  I live in the
> Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada.  I already checked some
> local computer stores (NCIX, A-Power) and a distributor (ACP
> Marketing), but none appear to have what I need.  I know there is at
> least one other list member who lives in the Lower Mainland, and there
> must be other Canadian members even if they live elsewhere in Canada.

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