On Tue, 13 Oct 2009 17:00:48 +0200
Michal Brzozowski <ruso...@poczta.fm> (MB) wrote:

>Sending to Czech Republic would be definitely easier as there are no
>customs involved (I'm in Poland). Does the person you've got provide
>any guarantees for the rework? Would you guys test my FR to see if the
>recamping is gone before you send it back?

Michal, we have given one FR to the tech guy today, with the hope he
will have it ready before Friday. the biggest question is how reliably
is he gonna be able to open up the can... the fix is then
quite trivial... closing up also.

i am hoping to drive over on Friday to have my FR #1024_fixed too, the
weekend should be survived on one batter charge only :) (well, i guess
not for me, as i have only one really weak cell tower around...)

anyhow, i'll keep you up to date, 


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