Xavier Cremaschi a écrit :
> Ok this is the english version of wikipedia and it is sold in US/EU/Jap 
> (not the best market for it), but it's not *that* bad for a start : 
> geeks make you earn a bit of cash, and could start tweaking the 
> device... (ebook reader feature someone ?)
> Xavier Cremaschi.
Source code is already available, and tweaking will actualy start when 
first devices will be shipped.
French community already find that keyboard is bitmap and so some 
pictures should be displayed on device...
It's a start, but such an interest for a product that nobody never 
touched, We can imagine what it can become.

Moreover, it's the "opensource" philosophy that is spreading : A new 
open product will arrive on the market, and lots of *hackers* wonder how 
they can improve it, and what they can turn it in  !

If it's not a big step for Openmoko, it's a great step for free humanity !

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