Experiment: better sound on remote end

One of the problems people complain about my calls from the Freerunner is 
Lot's of background noise, static, etc. I'm not talking about the familiar buzz 
as I've had the buzz fix applied to my phone.


However what I found to fix this problem on
my phone model (GTA02v5 + buzz fix) goes totally against the official 


So much so that there's at least one person who, from his very good knowledge 
about this
subject (Really! This is *not* sarcasm!), thinks this fix is as good as putting 
some peanut
butter over the microphone :)


I know of at least one other person who claims to have better sound on remote 
end from this fix,
but I think I need to drop the challenge. Can you try the current SHR Unstable, 
apply this fix
and then report on the mailing lists your results?

You can? Good! So here's the fix:

        1. call someone who noticed your bad sound and check whether the sound 
is still bad, then
           finish the call
        2. edit /etc/freesmartphone/alsa/default/gsmhandset
        3. change control 63 (it's also on line 63), so that it ends in 3 
rather than in 2:
         * Old value: 63:'Mic Sidetone Mux':1:2
         * New value: 63:'Mic Sidetone Mux':1:3
        4. call that person again and check the result

Alternatively, in one call, you can ssh into your phone and use alsamixer to 
change the same
control, but this change will not be persistent until you do the steps above.



So let's hear your results, nothing like a good empirical experiment.

In the following recordings (complete set here),


I said «The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog» starting with Mic2, then 
Right PGA, then Left PGA.

        1. in perfect conditions;
        2. with tv making background noise (news);
        3. 2. + computer playing loud music («Te Quiero Puta» from Rammstein) 
at the same time.

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