> Do you use FR as your daily/primary phone?
> Do you use FR as your primary PDA?

> What distribution you run most of the time?
SHR-unstable. I upgrade often, except that I wait when others
run into some new problem. Then I wait for resolution, which normally
don't take long.

> If you don't use FR as your daily phone/PDA, what phone did you change
> over to, and why?

If I change, it will be to correct various problems:
* Buzz and bass problems. Can be fixed with capacitors, but
  that won't be free and it won't help with the slowness problem.
  A BT headset will probably solve my sound issues, and can be carried
  over to future phones. But it means an extra device to bring, and another
  battery to charge. :-/
* Slowness. Of course, the new SHR-U helped. And we may still see
  improvements in X and elsewhere. Still, it seems the device
  has a slow memory bus, a slow connection to its SDcard, and
  slow graphics.  It is useable, but a really snappy phone could be
  tempting. IF it runs a user-modifiable linux, that is!

Helge Hafting
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