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> Adjusting the call volume is a sorely missed feature, though.

The new SHR-U has that for you. :-)
> GPRS and WIFI are too unstable for any real connection, so no web or email.

My experience is that GPRS has been stable for a long time, and WIFI
is fine _if_ the phone don't suspend. So keep it on, either by
plugging in power, or by turning suspend off in shr-settings.

There is one annoying problem if several of GPRS/USB/WIFI
is used - the last one to be used changes /etc/resolv.conf,
and if that connection quits then the remaining ones
may fail to look up names. Can be fixed by restarting 
the remaining connection.

>And bluetooth is just not there (no GUI == not there for the user).
>Does anyone else have trouble doing opkg ugrade over gprs? mine hangs 
>after a bit.

I never tried that - but make sure the thing doesn't suspend.
Plug in power, or turn suspend off.

Helge Hafting

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