>       >Does anyone else have trouble doing opkg ugrade over gprs? mine hangs
>       >after a bit.
>       I never tried that - but make sure the thing doesn't suspend.
> The problem happens somewhere between the wget application and the kernel 
> stack.
> It shows up with larger files being downloaded. Not too large, a few dozen kB 
> is enough.
> When I see it happening,  I repeat the wget download that opkg was trying to 
> do, and I can see that wget is 
> actually in "stalled" state after the first kB. If I retry the download with 
> the "continue" option, it 
> eventually downloads the whole file, retry after retry, chunk by chunk.
> This only happens with GPRS, so I assume it is related to kernel or pppd or 
> around this...

Have you tried a different kernel? The kernel is in a separate flash, so 
upgrading the root filesystem
doesn't change the kernel, it must be installed separately. It could help - if 
it is a kernel problem.

If nothing helps, consider trying a different phone company. The problem could 
be there too.

Helge Hafting

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