>I just published a new project called openmokontrol. Im using a TCP/IP
>connection to any X server to control it with the fr's accelerometers,
>mainly for games ;). Maybe I will create a video for a short

great! thank you.

>http://code.google.com/p/openmokontrol/wiki/Using I didn't manage to
>install the ipk file on my SHR run freerunner, I always get the
>following error: *** glibc detected *** opkg: free(): invalid next
>size (normal): 0x00ba6500 *** Aborted I don't get the error when Im
>installing the package to my toolchain, so I think it is SHR's
>problem, not the problem of a corrupted ipk file, is that right? If
>not, Id appreciate hints how to get rid of this error. Greetings,

the ipk look a bit suspicious to me but extracting manually did the
job, all is running well on shr-u. i don't know lfs but tux racer
(extreme tux racer - etracer in debian) was great for testing. :)

i think now it sends only left-right with arrows? later up/down for
speeding/slowing would be great too :)



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