В Пнд, 04/01/2010 в 21:35 +0000, hab keen oh ne пишет:
> Hi community,
> I just published a new project called openmokontrol. Im using a TCP/IP
> connection to any X server to control it with the fr's accelerometers,
> mainly for games ;). Maybe I will create a video for a short
> demonstration soon, let's see. It uses the X Test extension to send
> input events to the connected X server. Try playing Live for Speed
> (www.lfs.net) with it, its awesome. Here some links:
> http://www.opkg.org/package_322.html
> http://code.google.com/p/openmokontrol/
> http://code.google.com/p/openmokontrol/wiki/Using
> I didn't manage to install the ipk file on my SHR run freerunner, I
> always get the following error:
> *** glibc detected *** opkg: free(): invalid next size (normal):
> 0x00ba6500 ***
> Aborted
> I don't get the error when Im installing the package to my toolchain,
> so I think it is SHR's problem, not the problem of a corrupted ipk
> file, is that right? If not, Id appreciate hints how to get rid of
> this error.
> Greetings, Martin.

Hi, Martin.

I just wanted to do some similar experiment (in a bit other way than
NIDE and remoko), so I download your code to check it out. I compiled it
for debian, noticed several problems:

1. missing makefile, had to build it with g++ *cc -o kontrol -Iaux

2. missing #include <sys/time.h> in accs.cc.

and finally, didn't understand how to use it in 'normal' mode. my server
connection is ok (I can run xterm on FR with DISPLAY set to host), but
nothing happens on host with mouse pointer then I am running application
on freerunner.


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