Great work, thanks for this.

At the risk of straying somewhat off topic, I would love to have an
app on the FR to allow me to use the FR as a remote control for my
MythTV front-end albeit accelerometers not really needed, although
some gestures could be useful down the track.

Does anyone know if there is something already available which I could
get going on the FR ? The following thread
talks of mythwifi and I know mythtv supports a telnet interface but
all a little out of my depth

cheers Denis

On Tue, Jan 5, 2010 at 7:35 AM, hab keen oh ne <> wrote:
> Hi community,
> I just published a new project called openmokontrol. Im using a TCP/IP
> connection to any X server to control it with the fr's accelerometers,
> mainly for games ;)

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